Ana Paula Nadalini Mendes

Ana Paula Nadalini Mendes

Ph.D Student

Mellon Humanities Graduate Fellow 2021-2022

Ana Paula Nadalini Mendes is a PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania. Her studies focus on liberated Africans in the Atlantic World, especially in the Portuguese Empire. Her former research was funded by the Latin American Studies Center at the University of Maryland and reflected on liberated African women, domestic service, and experiences of freedom in Brazil. Prior to her studies in the United States, Ana Mendes worked as a professor at the Catholic University of Parana, in Brazil, where she taught history of food and its relationship with race and Afro-Brazilian religions. 


Advisor: Roquinaldo Ferreira


B.A., History, Federal University of Parana, Brazil.

M.A., History, University of Maryland.

Courses Taught

Instructor of Record

History of Food - Catholic University of Parana, Brazil.

Guest Lecturer

Issues in Latin America II: Migrations and Social Movements - University of Maryland.

Teaching Assistant

Issues in Latin America I: Space and Construction - University of Maryland.

Selected Publications

Nadalini, Ana Paula. “O Nosso Missal é um Grande Cardápio:” Candomblé e Alimentação em Curitiba Revista Angelus Novus, 3 (2012): 310-322.

Nadalini Mendes, Ana Paula. "da Cruz, Feliciana Ferreira." Oxford African American Studies Center. 30 Sep. 2018

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