Professor Mia Bay is presented The Order of the Coif 2022 Book Award

On the left is a portrait of Mia Bay. She is smiling, looking into the camera, and is wearing a black shirt. On the right is the cover of her book Traveling Black: A story of race and resistance

Congratulations to Professor Mia Bay, whose book Traveling Black: A Story of Race and Resistance has been presented the The Order of the Coif 2022 Book Award! 

The Order of the Coif presents one or more awards to the author or authors of outstanding publications that evidence creative talent of the highest order. As a U.S. organization, the Order of the Coif recognizes outstanding scholarship by authors resident in the United States when the book was written or published. The awarded books are those that have advanced a field, illuminated new areas of thought and research, and/or explored the many hard questions that law raises.

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