Diplomatic History

Diplomatic History Concentration

Fall 2023 Diplomatic History Courses

The Diplomatic History concentration requires six courses: 

  • One upper-level seminar in diplomatic, military, or foreign policy history.  This includes any course numbered HIST 2100-3799 and classified as Diplomatic History on the History Department website "Courses" page. 
  • Five additional Diplomatic History courses, including up to two major-related courses

Major-related courses eligible for inclusion in Diplomatic History concentration: 

    ECON 0510 (formerly 024) Development Economics
    ECON 0500 (formerly 050) International Economics
    ECON 4510 (formerly 251) International Trade
    ECON 4520 (formerly 252) International Finance
    ECON 4530 (formerly 261) Topics in Development
    PSCI 1404 (formerly 131) American Foreign Policy
    PSCI 0400 (formerly 150 Intro to International Relations
    PSCI 1401 (formerly 151) International Security
    PSCI 1130 (formerly 210) Contemporary African Politics
    PSCI 1140 (formerly 211) Politics in the Contemporary Middle East
    PSCI 1120 (formerly 213) Latin American Politics
    PSCI 1171 (formerly 215) The European Union
    PSCI 1172 (formerly 217) Russian Politics
    PSCI 1170 (formerly 218) Politics of Postwar Western Europe
    PSCI 1441 (formerly 251) Arab-Israeli Relations
    PSCI 1440 (formerly 253) International Politics of the Middle East
    PSCI 3400 (formerly 255) The Causes of War and Peace
    PSCI 1406 (formerly 258) International Human Rights
    PSCI 4450 (formerly 259) Chinese Foreign Policy
    PSCI 3401 International Law
    FNCE 2190 (formerly 219) International Financial Markets

    Any major-related course not on this list must be approved in writing by the faculty advisor.

    Faculty Advisors


    For the class of '22 and earlier, the Diplomatic History concentration requires: 

    • Three lecture courses in Diplomatic History above the 200-level
    • One 200-level or above seminar in diplomatic / military / foreign policy, approved by your faculty advisor
    • Two other related courses. These courses may come from the Department of History or other relevant departments.