European History

European History Concentration

Fall 2021 European History Courses

Requirements for the European History Concentration are the same for all history majors, regardless of their declaration date.

If you are concentrating in European History, along with the major requirements, you are required to take at least 6 courses in your concentration, 4 of which (including one seminar) should be above the 200-level. You should consult with your faculty advisor each semester during pre-registration regarding the best courses for you to take the following semester. Two major-related courses from other departments (ex. ARTH, ENGL, PSCI) may be used, and these must be approved in writing by your faculty advisor.


For European History majors, the following courses are recommended (but not required). They also count toward the European History requirement.

  • HIST 030 Emergence of Modern Europe
  • HIST 031 Making and Breaking European Hegemony
  • HIST 040 Early Modern Europe 1450-1750
  • HIST 126 Europe 1789-1914
  • HIST 128 Europe since 1945
  • HIST 145 Discover the Middle Ages