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May 20, 2022

Join Sessions 1-4 via ZOOM here


Forum:  A Discussion of Walter Licht’s American Capitalisms: A Global History (forthcoming)

Co-Sponsored by the Penn Economic History Forum and the Department of History

Location: McNeil Center for Early American Studies, 10:00-12:45


Session 1:  10:00-11:15

American Capitalisms, General Introduction and Part One, "A Mercantilist Outpost" (chapters 1-4)

Introduction can be accessed here

Part One can be accessed here

Discussants: Lynn Hollen Lees, UPenn (emerita); Kathy Brown, UPenn; Madhavi Kale, Bryn Mawr


Session 2:  11:30-12:45

American Capitalisms, Part Two: "Envelopment" (chapters 5 and 9)

Part two can be accessed here

Chair:  Drew Faust, Harvard University (emerita)

Discussants:  Steven Hahn, New York University; Thomas Heinrich, Baruch College, City University of New York; Alex Lichtenstein, Indiana University


12:35-1:45 Lunch Break 


Session 3:  1:45-3:15

“The Beat Goes On:” Presentations by Former Graduate Students on their Recent Publication and Works in Progress

Francis Ryan, Rutgers School of Management and Labor; Thomas Heinrich, Baruch College, CUNY; Kathy Hempstead, Senior Policy Advisor, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; Dan Wadhwani, University of Southern California Marshall School of Business; Ji-Yeon Yeo, Northwestern University; Clemmie Harris, Utica University; Matthew Hersch (HSS), Harvard University; Chris Jones (HSS), Arizona State University; Thomas Haigh (HSS), University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee.


Session 4:  3:30-4:15

Reflections, Reminiscences

Rick Halpern, University of Toronto 

Jeff Kerr-Ritchie, Howard University 

Komozi Woodard, Sarah Lawrence College

Amy Cohen, George Washington University

Donna Rilling, Stony Brook University

Eric Hintz, Smithsonian Institute

Nathan Ensmenger, Indiana University

Thomas Haigh, University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee 

C.L. Harris, Utica University.



4:30-6:00 University-Wide Reception (College Hall 200)

Wendell Pritchett, Interim President of the University, and Antonio Feros, Chair of the History Department, presiding.


Sessions held in-person and on-line

All chapters for discussion accessible here.


For two recent articles on Walter’s community role and teaching, see: