Penn History Review

Founded in 1991, the Penn History Review is a journal for undergraduate historical research. Published twice a year through the Department of History, the journal is a non-profit publication produced by and primarily for undergraduates. The editorial board of the Review is dedicated to publishing the most original and scholarly research submitted for our consideration. For more information about submissions, please contact us at 



Eden Vance, 2022, European History


Editor in Chief Emeritus:

Lorenza Colagrossi, 2021, European History


Editorial Board 

Logan Nantais, 2021, World History

Spencer Swanson, 2021, Political Science

Adrian Brown, 2022, Economic History

Vito Acosta, 2022, Asian History

Zarina Iman, 2022, American History

Joanna Kim, 2022, American History

Jordyn Kaplan, 2022, American History

Kelly MacGarrigle, 2022, Diplomatic History

Chinaza Okonkwo, 2022, World History

Zijian (Mark) Wang, 2022, General History

Sawyung (Stephanie) Yoon, 2023, Economic History

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