Requesting Credit with XCAT

Instructions for Requesting Credit:

  1. Use your PennKey to login to XCAT (External Course Approval Tool).
  2. Direct your request to the History Department.
  3. Upload a complete course syllabus (showing class and reading schedule, assignments and exams, semester and year, university and instructor).
  4. If you are requesting credit for an online transfer course, fill out and upload the History Department's Request for Online Transfer Credit form

You must include the syllabus; a catalog description is not sufficient. If you do not include the syllabus, the Study Abroad and Transfer Credit Advisor will return your request for more information.

Your notes, essays, tests or other graded materials, however, are usually not necessary, though we advise keeping everything until the credit process has been completed.

Be sure to also review the relevant policies for:

  • Study Abroad
  • Transfer Credit or Credit Away
  • Advanced Placement