Michael W. Zuckerman

Professor of History Emeritus

Michael W. Zuckerman did his B.A. (at Penn) and his Ph.D. (at Harvard) in American Studies. He is still incorrigibly committed to coming at History that way. He teaches courses in popular culture, national character, human nature, and religion. He has written on subjects from democracy to family life to business, from American identity to the Constitution to religion, from the university to children's rights to race to the role of ideas in history, and on people from Thomas Jefferson to P. T. Barnum to Oliver North, from Horatio Alger to Lewis Mumford to Doctor Spock. He is now finishing the editing of a collaboration of historians and developmental psychologists on the history of childhood from the middle ages to the new millennium.

Courses Taught
  • HIST 204 Doing History
  • HIST 355 Classic Texts In American Popular Culture
  • HIST 441 North American Colonial History
  • HIST 443 American National Character
  • HIST 610 Violence and Agression In America
  • HIST 610 Religion in Early America
CV (file)
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