Anders Bright

Anders Bright

Ph.D. Student


Anders Bright is a third year PhD student studying early American intellectual, cultural, and financial history. His research focuses on the development of Early American public finance, corporate development, and the relationship between class formation and financial practices.

His dissertation— tentatively titled, Luck’s Metropolis: Lotteries, Banks, and Class in New York, 1780-1830— will examine the history, and ultimate decline, of lotteries in New York in particular, and in the Early Republic more generally, and the relation of this history to the proliferation of banks and other monied institutions.

Anders’ earlier work focused on the development of scientific institutions in the Early Republic, the production of scientific knowledge over the long eighteenth century, and the emergence of new forms of scientific authority during this period.



Anders received a B.A. in 2018 from Johns Hopkins University, where he studied History and Political Science.