Lila Rice Goldenberg


Ph.D. CandidateSarah Mitchell Fellow for the Study of European History

My dissertation, Great Fortitude of Mind and Much Charity, concentrates on the rise of humanism, book collecting, and vita apostolica in late-medieval nunneries through their disbandment and relocation during the English Reformation. I am particularly interested in groups of exiled nuns who founded new religious houses in the Low Countries and France. 

In addition to bibliographic evidence, my research relies upon non-documentary sources such as archeological artifacts, devotional objects and art, and textiles. 

Committee Members: Prof. Margo ToddProf. Roger Chartier, and Prof. Ada Kuskowski

When people refer to me, they use "she/her" pronouns.



  • M.A., History, University of Pennsylvania, 2020
  • M.A., Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Columbia University, 2017
  • B.A., History and Classics (Latin), Cornell University, 2015
Research Interests

Early Modern/Late Medieval History of Europe; History of the Book; Women and Gender; Material History; Religious History (Protestant Reformation); North Sea History; Latin Paleography; Incunabula & Early Printed Books; Manuscripts; Digital Humanities

Courses Taught

Courses in which I was a TA:

  • HIST 131-401/ECON 028-401 Financial Meltdowns: Past and Present (Fall 2019)
  • HIST 031: Ascent of Europe (Spring 2020)
Selected Publications