Julian Tash

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Ph.D. Student

Julian Tash is a first year PhD student interested in the interaction between Taiwanese and overseas Chinese communities in South East Asia during the period the Japanese empire controlled Taiwan (1895-1945). He is particularly interested in Han Taiwanese identity as both imperial subjects and ethnic Chinese. He is also interested in the influences of the Japanese empire beyond its formal boundaries.


Prior to studying at Penn, Julian was a Fulbright Scholar in the Asia-Pacific M.A. program at National Chengchi University in Taiwan. 


M.A. International Master's In Asia-Pacific Studies, National Chengchi University (2021)

B.A. History, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (2019)

B.A. Asian Studies, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (2019)

Research Interests

Japanese empire, transnational history, migration, colonialism, modernity