Lolo Serrano

Lolo Serrano

JD/Phd in Legal and Carceral History

Lolo Serrano is a third-year joint JD/PhD student at the Penn Carey School of Law and Department of History. They study the carceral state in Pennsylvania with a focus on Philadelphia. They also work with the Abolitionist Law Center, a nonprofit, public interest law firm and community organizing project on legal cases challenging extreme or erroneous sentencing and conditions of confinement.

Prior to Penn, Lolo studied histories of race and gender at Boston University. They coauthored a mixed-method quantitative-qualitative analysis of gendered language in academic book reviews with Boston University Professor of Religion and Islamic Studies Kecia Ali.

Research Interests

carceral state, legal history

Selected Publications

Kecia Ali and Lolo Serrano, "The Person of the Author: Constructing Gendered Scholars in Religious Studies Book Reviews," Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Vol. 90, Iss. 3 (September 2022): 554–578,