Osaremen Iluobe

Osaremen Iluobe

MA Candidate

Thouron Scholar

Osaremen Iluobe is a first-year MA student in History at the University of Pennsylvania. His research interests include Political Economy, Economic History, and African History. His MA thesis, which takes inspiration from studies of neopatrimonialism, developmental states, and new institutional economics will aim to uncover the extent to which Botswana's economic model can be characterized as a mix of developmentalism and patrimonialism between 1966 and 1999, utilizing qualitative and quantitative methods to draw a conclusion.  

Before coming to the University of Pennsylvania, Osaremen graduated with a double first-class B.A. in Human, Social and Political Science from the University of Cambridge. 

Osaremen is currently serving as a research assistant to Dr. Nikita Markachev, a Fellow at Wolfson College, University of Oxford. Together, they are actively collaborating on the authorship of two research papers. The first paper delves into nationalism within South Korea's education system, while the second paper explores the history and internal politics of the Bakassi Peninsula dispute in Nigeria.


Advisor: Professor Rudra Sil 



B.A., Human, Social and Political Science, University of Cambridge (2020-2023)


Research Interests

Economic History, African History, Political Economy in Africa

Selected Publications

Iluobe, Osaremen A. (2024, forthcoming) 'Intentions, Compliance, and Border Line Reputations: Nigeria and the Bakassi Peninsula Dispute'.

Iluobe, Osaremen A. (2023) Capture, Coercion and Capabilities: The Political Economy of Kidnap-for-Ransom Offences in Northwest Nigeria'. Cambridge Journal of Political Affairs

Iluobe, Osaremen A. (2023) 'The Moral Economy of Banditry in Northwest Nigeria', Oxford Political Review



University of Pennsylvania Thouron Award