Independent Study

For students who wish to pursue independent study for credit, the procedure is as follows:

  1. When you have a clear idea of the topic you would like to study in greater detail, you should find a faculty sponsor who can supervise your work. Either your faculty advisor or the History Undergraduate Advisor can help you find someone in your area of interest.
  2. Any member of the standing faculty (and only a member of the standing faculty) in the Department of History may offer an independent study to a student at the professor's discretion.
  3. When you and your faculty sponsor have decided upon the topic and terms of your independent study, e-mail or visit the History Undergraduate Advisor during walk-in hours, and she will register you for the course. She will need to know your advisor and your topic.

Additional Information

Exceptions may be approved by the History Undergraduate Chair. The request to offer such an independent study must indicate the purpose of the independent study, the materials to be studied, and the method of evaluation of the student's work.

The major advisor and/or the History Undergraduate Chair has discretion to limit the number of independent studies undertaken. Under no circumstances may an independent study substitute for a seminar required for the major.

Generally, undergraduate independent studies are numbered as follows, with section numbers (xxx) indicating the faculty sponsor:

  • HIST 291-xxx : European History, Pre-1800
  • HIST 292-xxx : European History, Post-1800
  • HIST 293-xxx : American History, Pre-1800
  • HIST 294-xxx : American History, Post-1800
  • HIST 295-xxx : World History, Pre-1800
  • HIST 296-xxx : World History, Post-1800

Independent Study Permission Form (PDF)