History Major Concentrations

Regional Areas of Concentration

Thematic Areas of Concentration

General Curriculum (No Concentration)

You may find that no single concentration defines your interest in History and the History Major. For that reason, the choice of a concentration is optional. If you prefer not to declare a concentration, you must meet the general requirements for the Major. You will want to consult with your advisor about how best to balance a diversity of course offerings with a focus that also allow you to develop depth in the aspects of history you find most appealing. The general history major may include history courses taken in study-abroad programs or transfer credits for history courses taken at other institutions, for a maximum of 4. At least eight courses must be Penn history courses. No “major-related” courses may be included in the general curriculum.

Note: For General Curriculum History Majors in the class of '22 and earlier years, at least 4 courses (including the 2 required seminars) should be above the 200-level.

Additional Information

You may change your concentration at any time. E-mail the Undergraduate Advisor, saying what you would like your concentration to be and who your current faculty advisor is. You may need to change advisors. 

Occasionally, students fulfill the requirements in two concentrations. However, only one concentration will appear on your diploma.